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Interactive Designing of Vape Cartridge Boxes. . .

Cartridges in Foam Package.

You can use any type of vape. Also, you’ll be able to increase your sales. High Quality Boxes with Free Shipping.

We offer custom artwork and rapid prototyping capabilities. 99.


5-gram carts.

. At Premium Cosmetic Boxes, we strongly believe in offering our customers top-notch quality vape cartridge boxes & and packaging.

8 Gram / 1 Gram Glo Carts & Packaging Bulk Wholesale. Printed and created for better brand detail, our custom cartridge box packaging aids in making your product stand out on the store shelf.

Retail ready vape cartridge packaging box Fits half gram or full gram vape cartridges Pre-glued insert holds vape cartridge upright inside the box Quick packaging solution for white label vape cartridges Quantity Price Buy 100+ $0.
Empty Vape Cartridges; Disposables; Vape Packaging; 510 Thread Batteries; Dab Jars; Empty Vape Cartridges; Disposables; Custom Packaging.

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Bulk purchases also suggest buying in larger quantities, which can lead to significant cost savings.

00. Worried about shipping costs. These vape pen cases for vape cartridges protect them from dust, moisture, heat, and weight.

Get the innovatively printed custom cartridge boxes in different shapes and colors through error-free printing techniques. 29-0. As the sealant is dispensed, the foil packaging compresses to form a small disc measuring roughly ¾ inches (2 cm) tall. Vape Cartridge Boxes. $4.


We offer custom artwork and rapid prototyping capabilities. Fast Turnaround.

All HP cartridges and packaging are designed with sustainability in mind.

10 each.

Empty Vape Cartridge Packaging Box.

Child Resistant Cartridge Packaging, Pack of 14.

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