This Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner position requires the ability to tolerate a unique.

On average, APRNs earn more than RNs.

The advanced skills required of forensic nurses, such as documentation, attention to detail, critical thinking, and communication, may affect salaries. .

PayScale reports the annual earning range for forensic nurses as between $59,000 and $89,000.


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The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the employment of nurses to increase by 6% from 2021 to 2031.

However, the yearly mean salary for RNs is $82,750, according to the BLS. . Some estimates place forensic nurse salaries at about $73,000 per year, compared to an average of $77,600 for registered nurses overall.

View the job description, responsibilities and qualifications for this position. According to the U.

However, the yearly mean salary for RNs is $82,750, according to the BLS.


Forensic Nursing Schools Below is a list of programs/schools that provide Forensic Nursing Master’s Degrees/Certificates. The first step to becoming a forensic nurse is to earn a nursing degree.

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Madonna’s history of excellence in nursing education shines through in the DNP program, which offers the highest level of nursing education to students, ensuring they are prepared and ready to influence healthcare outcomes through policy and patient care.
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earn around $59,450, while the top 10% of earners make $120,250 or more.


. Oct 15, 2020 · Earn a bachelor's degree or an associate degree in nursing, taking courses in forensic courses if possible. The U.

. PMHNP salary and Forensic PMHNP. Brooklyn, NY 11201. org/resources/forensic-nurse/#Part Two Forensic Nurse Salary" h="ID=SERP,5834. The average annual salary for registered nurses is around $70,000. .

In addition to expanding employment opportunities, NPs have.

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Forensic nursing salaries are similar to, or slightly lower than salaries for generalist RNs.

Become certified in a subspecialty such as sexual assault nursing (optional).

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