Apr 28, 2011 · In 1914, James Jordan shot a massive 10-pointer near Danbury on the Yellow River in Burnett County.

Jan 12, 2000 · "Hunters were uncertain whether the Hanson Buck or the Rompola Buck was the official world record, and bookings at shows dropped off. .

Mar 21, 2018 · One, someone shoots a bigger buck than Milo Hanson’s world record and Rompola can finally come forward via the terms of the agreement he signed with Hanson.

Rompola had been sharing the story about the big buck he was after with many of his friends.

. In a 2010 interview with Outdoor Life, Hanson estimated he made $60,000 a year off his record buck for almost a decade. .

“I never would have signed it,” Milo Hanson was quoted as saying.

It doesn't affect B&C in any way. i met him 2 yrs ago in grand rapids at the hunting expo that is held every year in feb the man is rude crude and obnoxious, he thinks he is better than everyone else and that he is the greatest. When he shot the deer, he knew it was.

�� That move baffled fans and skeptics alike. yahoo.


Northwest Pennsylvania.

 · Dec 16, 2013 #35. 1 He made money from it after claiming it would beat Milo Hansens buck.

 · There is not one non-typical in the top 150 from there. .

Big-buck aficionados declared this as a victory, stating that Rompola’s buck must have been fake, otherwise he would have never signed those.


The current world record typical whitetail, killed in Saskatchewan by Milo Hanson in 1993 in front of three fellow hunters, scores 213.

. The buck was later scored 206 1/8 typical B&C points. Rompola agrees never to have his rack officially scored.

In the past, and still. . outdoorlife. .  · Campfire Tracker. .

It was harvested in November of 1993.

.  · The Rompola Buck | saddlehunter.

May 12, 2022 · class=" fc-falcon">The General: The Giant Nebraska Whitetail That Was Larger Than the Rompola Buck.

Nov 30, 2022 · Milo Hanson's world-record typical buck officially scored 213 5/8 inches.

Dec 13, 1998 · Rompola said he killed the big buck Nov.


Mar 15, 2023 · After 24 years, the score sheet for the antlers from a buck that Mitch Rompola from Traverse City, Mich.